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May 01, 2023


Question 1: Factors For Production Management

For the purpose to enhance the productions of the firm and run production of a firm smoothly there are some factors that need to consider such as follows;

Dock Facilities: In case a business such a large number of truck dealer items or deal with heavy items it is necessary to have a dock facility. Some businesses like manufacturing need to have a separate shipping and receiving docks near the area of their location. It is necessary to locate production where these kinds of facilities are easily available or constructed. The easy availability of logistics (Netland, 2016)

Labour: For the purpose to have a smooth flow of production it is necessary to have a good labour source. In the geographic area, the firms need to have good labour so that production can run smoothly and the production can run. The much-skilled labour a firm will get the much chance of maintaining production increase.

Demography: Near the area of the production the location needs to be effective and progressive. The production area needs to be politically stable and there need to be customers available near the area of the production. Further, the competitor`s position also needs to be analysed before selecting the production location (Koç, & Burhan, 2015).

Availability: It is necessary to have the access to the raw materials so that production can be completed within time and provided to customers. In case it is difficult to have the raw materials in the location of production then it will be difficult to run the production. Timely access to the raw materials will develop the production and they will get benefit from the location.  

Question 2: Factors Affecting International Service Operations

Service is intangible and at the time of dealing with international service, many things need to analyse and manage in a manner so that the customers get adequate facilities. Human resource planning, location planning, design and capacity management all factors affect the service of the international service. Considering that capacity planning determines how many consumers the company can serve at any given time. Capacity planning does have an impact on the quality of services delivered to clients due to the sheer close customer engagement in the process of ordering (Kaza, Yao, Bhada-Tata, & Van Woerden 2018). Location planning is critical for international service operations. Most companies are obligated to be visible and accessible they intend to serve. In fact, the majority of worldwide service operations entail establishing local branches in each global market and afterwards staffing all with locals. International service infrastructures must also be properly developed in order to achieve the desired appearance and layout. When a company operates overseas, it may choose to emphasise its foreign identity or merge its home country tradition with the native culture. They also develop their service to meet their customer`s needs and train the employees as per the need of an organization that is able to provide the best service experience to the target customers in the international market (Heizer, 2016).

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