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Apr 27, 2023
  1. Assessment Scheme:

    This coursework requires around 2000 words (inclusive). This work is expected to be in an essay style and has to be completed individually.

    The Topic of the Coursework:

    The Benefits and Costs of Free Trade, and its Validity after the Covid-19 Pandemic Era

    1) (Introduction) What is the free trade argument about: [Importance and Objectives]

    2) (Literature Review) What are the benefits and costs of free trade [what theories, methods, and data have been employed by other authors? Relevant and Focused]

    3) (Analysis and Discussion) What are the possible or your anticipated impacts of covid-19 on international trade [apply the relevant theories, data, examples, references, and evidence, to make your own analysis and discussion]

    4) (Conclusions) Do you think the free trade argument is still valid? [Summarise the main points from your analysis and discussion]



    1) The coursework must be your own work and in your own words. Avoid plagiarism and copying from a colleague. When utilising books and journal articles, you must make sure that you reference the authors correctly. Failure to do this will be penalised. Students are advised to note the University’s regulations in section F of the University courses handbook, on ‘The infringement of University Regulations’, as these regulations will be enforced.

    2) The coursework must follow academic convention and style (you can refer to Harvard Referencing, appropriate in-text citations etc.) The assessment board will objectively reward those students who at least try to follow the rules and penalise those that do not.

    3) The coursework must be word-processed, 1.5 spaced, It must be submitted with a cover page which contains assessment related information, i.e., module title, module code, submission date, student name, and word count.


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