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Mar 29, 2023

This unit is the second of the three examining pedagogical and professional practices in K-12 HPE. It examines the current NESA requirements in years 11-12 (Stage 6) PDHPE for Board Developed Courses. Through an examination of the core and option modules, students will be afforded the opportunity to design creative, student-centred and challenging learning and teaching experiences and teacher support material. Students will also review policy, and refine planning and programming skills for years 7-10. By focusing on key syllabus concepts, the socio-cultural perspectives of health and physical activity, critical inquiry and practical application, creative and student-centred pedagogies, the unit deploys Quality Teaching (NSWDET, 2003) theories and practices. Throughout the unit students will participate in a number of small group and individual class based activities designed to encourage skill development, facilitate communication and research skills, and to promote critical reflection on learning and professional practices.

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