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Oct 21, 2021
  1. This is a TEAM project and my part is plumber, execution, duration to complete, and how risk can be mitigated Childcare Cost Educational Supplies/Equipment $4,800 Marketing Cost Business cards and Flyers Website $450 $625 Furniture & Fixture, Improvements Indoor furniture/equipment Outdoor furniture/equipment Kitchen equipment/supplies Housekeeping equipment/supplies Office space furniture Renovations $21,050 $11,600 $3855 $615 $2500 $45,000 Administrative Expense Business phone Licensing/fee Insurance Utility Deposit $275 $675 $3550 $196 Total$ 95,191 CPMGT/300: Project Management Wk. 3 Team   Project Requirements/Risk/Cost Paper [due Mon] Top of Form Bottom of Form Assignment Content Top of Form Preparea project requirements matrix, a risk assessment matrix, and a cost breakdown for the Learning Team project selected in Wk. 2. Microsof Excel can be used to prepare these documents. Collect and evaluate the high-level project requirements. Preparea requirements matrix that includes: Requirement Phases of the project Responsible party Cost to complete Duration to complete Prepare a risk assessment matrix that includes: Risk Potential of risk occurring Level of impact to the project How risk can be mitigated Prepare the project cost breakdown sheet. Submitthe requirements matrix, the risk assessment matrix, and the cost breakdown sheet. CPMGT/300: Project Management Wk. 3  Risk Response Plan [due Mon] Top of Form Bottom of Form Assignment Content Top of Form Usethe same company/project idea you used in the Wk. 2 Learning Team assignment. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you address each of the following items: What is the purpose of a risk response plan? What is a risk owner? Who should be appointed to own risk on a project? What is a risk owner s role in the risk response plan? How should a project manager assess and deal with risk? List and describe the most common areas of the project where risks can originate. List and discuss at least two types of risk for each area. In the project you discussed in Wk. 1, what were the risks, and how were they handled? Should they have been handled differently? Format your paper consistent with APA guideline

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