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Jun 06, 2023
  • Crisis and Trauma Research Paper Instructions (Due in Module 7)
    The paper will be 20 pages in length. The written work will be evaluated by Turabian writing standards. The paper shall include an introduction of the subject matter, pertinent research and application to the ministry of crisis/trauma intervention.
    Each student will choose from one of the following subject areas listed below:
    Crisis intervention strategies,
    Trauma and Suicide (Select a specific age group such as adolescent, college aged, mid-life, elderly);
    Current treatments of PTSD;
    The cycle, effects, and intervention of substance or behavior abuse
    Multicultural concerns in trauma intervention;
    The role of spirituality/religion in adaptation to trauma;
    Compassion fatigue and trauma;
    Trends in victimology;
    Survivor/victim issues associated with one of the following categories: homicide, domestic battery, human trafficking, relationship violence including stalking, sexual assault as adult or child, hate crimes;
    Disaster response (agencies & models);
    Ministering to families with special needs children;
    Pastoral care to children and adolescents in crisis situations
    Assessment of trauma history and impact of events;
    Culture and Trauma;
    Effective approaches, characteristics, and examples to pastoral care in current churches addressing twenty-first century crisis and trauma issues;
    Post-trauma growth
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