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Apr 10, 2023

Module Code :- EM4055
Title :- Project Management Course
The course assignment for EM4055 Project Management is to prepare a project plan for the purchase installation and validation testing of a remote vehicle tracking system for a regional logistics company.

EM4055 Project Management Course Assignment – UK
Background :-
Eddy Barstow is a growing transport and logistics company, based in the Northeast region of the UK.
The vehicle fleet consists of 42 semi-trailer tractor units fitted with hands-free mobile radio for tractor to tractor and tractor to base voice communications and GPS navigation devices for individual unit use. Barstow’s are seeking to improve operation efficiency and effectiveness through the use of a centrally coordinated route planning system. Several commercially available systems have been evaluated and a scalable system has been chosen as the basis for a fleet wide implementation.

Explain any potential conflicts that may occur in:
 adult care provision
 own setting.

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