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May 24, 2023
Perhaps there is nothing more challenging in business than employee performance appraisals, stating a clear job description and specific qualifications are a must. Performance appraisals are based on how an employee meets a specific set of outcomes. A subsequent potential salary increase is dependent on meeting these outcomes and the revenue success of the business.


Identify a well setting, including number of employees and demographics.
Create a jog description with specific qualifications.
State specific yearly expectations/outcomes for this employment position
Create an employee appraisal/review form that address the above information
Summarize how you would go about applying this form during an actual employee appraisal.
This should be a 6-page paper, plus title and references. APA documentation is required, including at least 6 including (3 must be from scholarly peer reviewed journals) references. Remember, all references must be cited within text. Three of the references must be from scholarly peer reviewed research.


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