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Apr 03, 2023

Assessment 1
(the primary goal in this assignment is creating an argument about a single novel in response to one of the questions).
1500 word essay. You may if you wish draw on the work of literary critics in making your argument,but this is not a requirement (it will be in the second essay). Observe the referencing conventions outlined in the Academic Skills Demonstrations. Make sure you have undertaken the training on Plagiarism and how to avoid it.
EN 1020 The Novel Around the World Essay-Leicester University UK.

What is Charlotte Bronte able to achieve with the device of first-person narrative?

Considered overall, does Jane Eyre promote rebellion or self-control?

What functions are served by the Gothic elements in Jane Eyre?

How does Forster arrange his narrative, and how does this affect the meanings of A Passage to India?

To what extent can A Passage to India be considered a critique of imperialism?

Which is more important in A Passage to India, the personal or the political?

What are the effects of Baldwin’s handling of time and sequence in the narrative of Giovanni’s Room?

Is Giovanni’s Room a narrative of self-knowledge, or self-delusion?

How does Giovanni’s Room challenge social norms concerning human sexuality?

Assessment 2
(the primary goal in this assignment is making a comparative argument about two novels in response to one of the questions)

2500 word essay (you may not write on a novel you answered on in Assessment 1). You are required to engage with the work of literary critics in making your argument.

Compare the ways in which two novels explore the opportunities and challenges of life in the city.

Compare two novels in terms of their relationship to realism.

Compare the way two novels invite us to read race AND/OR ethnicity.

Compare, and explain the differences in, the representation of Bertha Mason in Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea.

Compare how two novels represent genders AND/OR sexualties.

Compare two first-person narratives.

Compare two novels which represent colonial experience, OR the experience of living abroad.

Compare two novels which you consider to be written out of a sense of protest or resistance.

Compare what two novels do with the concepts and lived experiences of social class.

Essay Writing Checklist – consult this when choosing your question, again when sketching your plan, again before you start to draft your essay, again when you revise your draft and finally before submitting your essay via turnitin.

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