ENGT5111 Digital Signal Processing Signal Analysis.

Task: 1 Filter design and signal analysis A filter is given by the input-output difference equation y[n]=1/21 (-2x[n]+3x[n-1]+6x[n-2]+7x[n-3]+6x[n-4]+3x[n-5]-2x[n-6]) 1.An electrocardiogram (ECG) signal is corrupted by muscle noise. Explain why processing the signal with this filter would be useful. 2.Design and implement a recursive filter that would be suitable for the ECG signal of part 1). 3.Find a simple expression for the output of each of these two filters if the input is the signal x[n]=cos(0.35n).

Task: 2 The spectrogram of a signal can be computed using the Matlab function Spectrogram (specgram in older versions of Matlab).

1. Using appropriate references, explain what the spectrogram of a signal is.

2. Use the Matlab function Spectrogram to analyse the audio signal

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