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Jun 08, 2023
Utilize the epidemiologic process to identify a community health need
or problem. Plan, implement, and evaluate a group health teaching
project to meet the identified need.
Assignment Instructions:
Select a topic and get instructor approval to move forward with it.
Select your target community group that you will focus on educating.
It should consist of approximately 10 individuals. A minimum of two
different teaching sessions should be presented to the same group at
least one week apart.
Once your topic is approved and a teaching group is chosen, you will
create a teaching plan, hold your teaching sessions, and then evaluate
the implementation.
The final product you submit will be a presentation that details the
entire process: your chosen topic, the teaching style you used, and an
evaluation of your actual teaching. (See categories below for details to
Prepare a 15- to 20-slide presentation that is a minimum of 20
minutes in duration. You should have APA formatted in-text citations
within your slides for any outside sources used and your final slide
should be a reference slide that lists all resources used for the
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