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Nov 25, 2021
      • During its annual executive retreat, exporting is a major topic of discussion. After a presentation by the business development team and similar evaluation by an industry analyst, RWA????1s CEO sees the light. He quickly becomes a strong proponent of selling wind turbine blades to a power company near Bangalore, India. A????1Now all we have to do is figure out how to get the blades there quickly and without damage,A????1 says CEO. A????1Daren, get your team on this one. I want some solid answers.A????1

        Darren Helm, RWA????1s transportation director, know this is a big opportunity for the company but it comes with tremendous challenges. Picking the right mode, finding ports that can handle the blades safely, and routing the freight are just a few of the issues that keep Helm awake the night after the CEO tagged him to lead the A????1export to IndiaA????1 project.

        At his next staff meeting, Helm reminds his team: A????1These blades can be up to 148ft long and weigh 12tons. We have to first get them from the plant to the point of export. ThatA????1s not easy, since we need to plan routes to avoid urban rush hours, sharp curves, narrow lanes, and weight-limited bridges.A????1

        A????1On top of those usual challenges, we have to find a high-quality international carrier to get the blades to India,A????1 Helm adds. A????1And donA????1t forget the port challenges and final delivery to Bangalore.A????1

        Turning to you, Helm says, A????1Get me some answer fast! We need a plan of action for the CEO by Friday.A????1


        What are the major problem and pitfalls that RW faces as it tries to go global with its product line?

        What mode(s) of transportation would you recommend to Helm as most appropriate for moving the turbine blades domestically and international?

        How would you route shipments of turbine blades from Kalamazoo to Bangalore? Why?

        What role will port play in the flow of turbine blades from united states to India?

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