escribe vulnerable population (demographic and geographic information) Individual Risk Factors

Although there are various vulnerable populations, this paper will focus on one of the following populations: minority, racial /ethnic backgrounds, low socioeconomic status (SES), and no health insurance coverage. The purpose of this paper is to investigate a vulnerable population in your community (county), identify community determinants and mechanisms of vulnerability and evaluate and propose current strategies to eliminate health disparities. Vulnerable Populations Paper Procedure & Format (Minimum Paper Length: 10-14 pages) Cover Page: (1-Page) Student Name Date Vulnerable population selected Description / Pages 1-2. Describe vulnerable population (demographic and geographic information) Individual Risk Factors / Pages 3-4. Identify the individual risk factors within the vulnerable population. Multiple Risk Factors / Pages 5-6. Explain the influence of multiple risk factors in the vulnerable population Current Strategies / Pages 7-8 Describe the current strategies that exist to eliminate health disparities in this population. Strategy Effectiveness / Pages 9-10 Evaluate the effectiveness of the current strategies in eliminating health disparities. Integrative Approaches / Pages 11-12 Propose integrative approaches that will resolve health disparities. Reference Page / 1-Page APA or MLA format Community: Kings County, New York (Brooklyn)

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