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Jun 01, 2023
Establishing a Regulatory Agency Similar to the BCFP in IRAQ to Protect Consumer Rights in the Digital Financial Landscape


Report’s primary focus :
To assess the challenges and opportunities of establishing a BCFP-like regulatory Beruae in Iraq to oversee the development of digital financial services. The paper will focus on how crucial it is to protect consumer rights and privacy in the fast-changing digital financial landscape.

Financial Education
you will examine how the establishment of a BCFP-like regulatory agency can increase confidence in the financial system by disciplining bad companies that exploit consumers. you will also evaluate the value of Iraqi financial education initiatives and how well they will contribute to the success of the imagined consumer protection agency.
Finally, The report should explore the link between extensive financial education programs and the effectiveness of the regulatory agency.

Research Questions: this part should be the same
What are the main risks and drawbacks of Iraq’s digital financial services?
How can a BCFP-like regulatory body effectively safeguard consumers in the modern financial world against fraud, data breaches, and privacy violations in Iraq?
What legal guidelines and procedures should be established to guarantee accountability, fairness, and openness in the Iraqi digital banking sector?
What strategies and mechanisms can be implemented to educate and empower consumers to make informed decisions regarding digital financial services?

Data Sources and the case study
The case study have to concentrate on the opportunities and Challenges associated with regulating digital financial services in Iraq. The case study will specifically look at the risks and vulnerabilities linked to digital financial services, including fraud, data breaches, and privacy violations.
you wll also cover The regulatory frameworks and practices that ought to be put in place to guarantee accountability, fairness, and openness in the digital financial sector. The case study will include scholarly studies on consumer protection in digital finance, CFPB act, reports on the situation of Iraqi existing digital financial services, comparisons of other areas’ regulatory frameworks.
The case study will also include information from pertinent case studies related to digital financial services in Iraq. Moreover, I will make sure to highly use the information offered by the Iraqi Central Bank, financial institutions, consumer rights organizations, and financial technology companies(fintech). I will do my best to offer a thorough analysis of the creation and operation of a BCFP-like regulatory body within the context of Iraq’s digital financial sector.

Structure of Research/Case-Study
Summarizes the research (Case-Study) report.
Introduction: Why is your topic worthy of investigation?
What is the General Area of Financial Institutions
and Markets that is
the focus of your Case-Study?
3. Research Question(s): What
are Research Objectives or Hypotheses to be Examined?
Literature: What are the different views of
other researchers on this topic?
Information/Data: What
are the sources of the information for your report?
Are you
collecting any primary data such as interviews?
How will the information be analyzed?
of Results:
Will you prepare Graphs, Charts, or Tables?
Include the formal list of references and sources for the report.

The Financial
Institutions class has explored a wide range of topics and issues. These include Interest Rate Risk, Equity and
Commodities Markets, Consumer Trust in Financial Markets, Government Regulation, Central Bank Policies, Corporate
Ethics, Corporate Fraud, Corporate Governance, Shareholder Rights, Socially
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Management, Foreign Exchange, Portfolio Management, Asset Valuation, Financial
Innovations, CryptoCurrency, Derivatives, NonBank Institutions, and Money
Laundering. By regularly reading Matt
Levine’s MONEY STUFF newsletter and perusing a wide range of sources such as
Bloomberg News, Arabian Business, and CNN Business, you have many business
sources (including the textbook) to help you select your Final Case-Study

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