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Jun 01, 2023
Details of task: This task represents the final stage of the major project for the course. Its purpose is to bring together the different components of the course learnings in a structured, concise and coherent plan that can be presented in order to obtain support and financial backing.
The business plan is not an academic document. The style of writing should reflect the intended audience, which is to be determined by the student and communicated to the course convenor. In order to assist with this task, various sample business plan structures will be made available on the course Wattle site.


Individual assessment or Group task: Group (or Individual with approval of the Course Convenor) Assessment with Individual Component

World limit: max. 20 pages (exc appendices)

Presentation requirements:
The Business Plan should include, amongst others, the following:
1.Executive summary identifying and describing the new venture, while providing an overview of the major points from the plan;
2.Describe the motivations of the team in proposing the venture, including their skills, roles and why they are well-suited to undertaking the project;
3. Clear details as to how the Business Confidence Matrix has progressed from Week 2 to Week 12
4. A recruitment strategy providing insight into how the team will attract , retain and develop talent;
5.Research and analysis of the context in which the new venture will operate, including the competitive and regulatory environment;
6.Research and analysis of the commercial potential for the new venture, clearly identifying customer segments and end users, including evidence supporting its case for success;
7.Marketing strategy for the new venture, emphasising its consistency with its proposed customer segment/s;
8.Operations strategy for the new venture, emphasising how the team will continuously learn about the market and any relevant technology;
9.Describe resource requirements for establishing the new business, highlighting how the team will ensure an ongoing supply;
10.Develop financial projections for the venture, including start-up costs, cash-flow forecasts, P&L and balance sheets for the new venture;
11.Estimate the value of the new venture, providing a financing proposal and an offer structure for potential investors;
12.Action plan for the set-up year and the following two years, including a potential harvest and exit strategy.

Although this may be a team-based assessment, each member will select an equal number of items to be assessed on individually. This will require them to take responsibility for certain key aspects of the project and work collaboratively with the team to make sure those aspects are completed successfully.


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