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May 10, 2023
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        Topic -  Ethics Essay

        NOTE: The lecturer has advised me the topic should be focused on:

        The collapse of Enron Corporation in the USA was almost two decades ago, and even today, it remains the greatest corporate failure in American business history. From an ethics perspective, recognise the different ethical frameworks that can be applied in business decision-making today at the highest level and using examples from the case of Enron examine the importance of having a clear ethical framework on which good corporate decision-making should be based.


        You are required to briefly analyse, in essay format (maximum 1500-word limit), the ethical issues in a complex, current business problem. Ethics are mainly based on moral decision-making and there is not always a correct answer. In the essay, you will examine the issue given from different viewpoints before deciding on the correct procedure. You will be required to justify your choice.

        You are required to recognise the different stakeholders who will be affected by the decision to be made, the different decisions possible regardless of the ethical stance and then outline the decision that you consider the most appropriate and why.

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