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Jan 06, 2022

This criterion requires you to critically evaluate existing communication and information delivery systems in your organization. You will be asked to make recommendations for change based on whats needed, as well as how best those changes can be implemented.

A critical evaluation means that you will need to look at the pros and cons of existing systems, as well as how they can be improved. Youll also need to consider the obstacles (such as cost) that might prevent such improvements from being made.

For example, you may look at your organizations current monitoring systems to stay abreast with changes in legislation and regulation. The registered manager could be subscribing themselves to sector-specific email bulletins that they review on a regular basis or as is required by new updates coming through the postal service each day.

The information is shared with the team who may not have time to read through all of it, so its passed on to them in an email. The manager subsequently collates the information and shares it with, team, at their next meeting.

You could recommend that your registered manager subscribes to more than one sector-specific email bulletin, which then enables the team to discuss how it may affect them and gives you time to ask questions.

Its critical because its important for your organization that the changes that happen are implemented as quickly as possible. It would be beneficial if everyone could benefit from such knowledge, rather than just those at the top.

You could also recommend that a bigger discussion is had with the team about what information they feel they need to be aware of and when.

You may also wish to recommend a communication system is in place for when information needs to be passed on quickly. For example, a communication book where the team can log their concerns or questions that theyd like raised at morning meetings.

In addition, the lack of collaboration means you arent getting their knowledge and experience during this process which will result in changes being implemented less effectively because they were made without consideration for other perspectives or ideas.

This would also mean that the changes arent viewed in their wider context and theres a chance they could result in more work (such as increasing paperwork). You could then recommend that in the future the manager only subscribes to one sector-specific email, which enables them to focus on how it affects your organization. They can then discuss this with the team at their next meeting and decide if they all need the same level of information.

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