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Jan 20, 2022

Leaders and managers should evaluate organizational policies, systems & processes in order to make sure they are not discriminatory. They must also promote equality, diversity, or inclusion through these practices.

It�s important to review policies and procedures as well as protocols on an annual basis, but it is also vital that these are constantly being evaluated in order for them not only to work effectively now but for future proof themselves against changes. For staff members who feel uncomfortable about equality or diversity issues at work, we recommend approaching their manager with questions regarding how he/she plans to deal accordingly so everyone feels comfortable tackling tough problems together rather than individually.

It is also recommended to create an equal opportunities statement which should be displayed in all staff rooms and common areas. This should outline the organization�s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion as well as stand against any form of discrimination.

If you have a policy that may be unintentionally discriminatory, it is important to become aware of this and take steps as soon as possible. For example, your company�s shift patterns could allow employees who observe Saturday mornings as holy days to find themselves working weekends without getting paid for their time off or being given more hours during the week so they don�t need advance notice about schedule changes due on Friday evening before Beginning Of Workweek (BOW).

If there are any changes to your company�s policies or procedures, you must let employees know so that they can follow the new guidelines. It is not reasonable for them to expect themselves to check every single policy and procedure each shift in order to find updates.

Promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace is an important aspect of human resources management. This can be done through many different strategies such as providing mandatory training for all staff members on this topic (as part of their Care Certificate), raising awareness within your company with posters or flyers that proudly display welcoming messages about how you�re committed to eliminating discrimination against any person because gender identity/sexual orientation; creating opportunities where role models show what good practice looks like by challenging discriminatory attitudes among others things too.

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