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Aug 21, 2023

Business Project Assignment

Learning Outcome 1: Critically evaluate the principles of research in the social sciences and the specialist area within the context of strategic management and leadership.

Learning Outcome 2: Critique research questions in relation to the students` chosen area and to design an appropriate research plan accordingly.

Learning Outcome 3: Critically evaluate relevant literature in the specialist area.

Learning Outcome 4: Evaluate, select and apply appropriate qualitative and/or quantitative data collection, presentation and analysis to their chosen area of research ensuring that evidence gathered, its analysis and conclusions drawn are valid and reliable.

Learning Outcome 5: Construct an original piece of research of their own design and demonstrate independent research, presentation skills and reflect on personal development.


Students may choose one of the following project approaches;

1. Business Plan: Create a business plan for either a new enterprise, or a completely new business unit within an existing large company / organisation. The Business Plan would not have to have been implemented, for students to be able to submit it.

2. Business Project: Create a project plan or take on an improvement activity for a large company / organisation. The project plan would see the students utilise project management framework and approaches, and would include analysis of a problem or opportunity, providing a possible solution. The project does not need to have been started, for students to be able to submit it.

3. White Paper: A self-selected topic, approved by ULBS, the student wishes to explore in-depth and provide a thorough analysis of, addressing a contemporary issue, proposing ways forward for a specified stakeholder.

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