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Apr 29, 2023
Your final will consist of writing a 5 to 7 page essay answering one of the following questions:
• Economics and labor: Evaluate the way the American economy has changed over the past 150 years. How did “big business” alter the landscape of U.S. industry? Why did Progressive Era and New Deal reformers pass the reforms they did? Have Americans found a way to balance economic growth and workers’ rights in the post-World War II period?
• Women and gender: Analyze the political and economic fight for women’s equality. To what extent has the role and status of women changed over the past 150 years? What have been landmark victories for women’s rights? Why have various political factions opposed women’s and feminist groups? Is there work left to be done?
• America’s role in the world. Determine how the United States’ foreign policy changed and/or remained consistent from the War of 1898 (Spanish- American War) through the Cold War. How did the U.S. confront the challenges it faced around the globe? Are there core tenets (or beliefs) that have guided American foreign policy? If so, what are they? If not, how do different foreign policy conflicts differ from each other?
• Comparative civil rights. The continued fight for equality has, in many ways, defined the American experience. Compare and contrast the struggle for civil rights that two of the following segments of the population experienced: 1) African Americans; 2) women; 3) Mexican Americans; 4) Asian Americans; and/or 5) LGBTQ+ individuals. Are there commonalities that you see in the political rhetoric and tactics of these two groups? How would you describe the unique challenges these two segments of the population faced? What are the arguments, agendas, challenges, etc. that have made coalitions difficult to form, both within and between different rights movements?
I’m challenging you to come up with your own interpretation of, or your own take on, these questions. This means that I want to see a cogent (i.e., clear, logical, convincing) thesis, a host of evidence (no fewer than 10 sources) to back up your argument (drawn from assigned readings (both primary and secondary) and videos), and a decent command of grammar and writing conventions. All sources needed to complete this assignment are provided on Blackboard (i.e. this is NOT a research paper). Be sure to review the grading rubric provided in the syllabus for further expectations. As always, you are required to cite your sources.
Papers should be in standard formatting: 1″ margins, Times New Roman 12-point font, and double spaced. Remember to include your name and a relevant title. You do not need a title page.
All assignments in this course are designed to build upon one another. So, if you plan well, you’ll be able to use your primary source analyses, your article analyses, and your discussion posts to help you write your essay



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