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Jan 12, 2022

This criterion requires you to evaluate the way in which your working relationships with colleagues are, including self-reflection and appraisal. All feedback should be valued so that it can go into effect on developing yourself further as a professional within this field of work or domain where Iím involved Ė doing whatís necessary for betterment at all times.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a vital skill that all health and care workers should strive towards because it helps us become more skilled in our areas each day. The need for continuing professional development is essential in all aspects of healthcare. CPD helps us improve our practices and working relationships with others, which can lead to a more fulfilling career as well as improved quality patient care outcomes. Itís important that we take time out on occasion (maybe once per year)to reflect upon what might be going wrong so you donít get stuck repeating previous mistakes or omissions.

Obtaining Feedback

Obtaining feedback from colleagues or patients can be beneficial to you as a professional because it will help you improve on certain areas that might need more attention. For example, if patient feedback suggests that they are not being given enough information about their treatment Ė then the clinician should look into why this is so. Perhaps the nurse didnít spend enough time with them or maybe they didnít ask enough questions/clarifying statements in order to get this information. Whatever the case, itís important to determine what went wrong so that you can improve upon this area.


You may also reflect on your own experiences of working relationships to obtain insights into what you do well and where improvements can be made. For example, it seems that in recent weeks while juggling a heavier workload than usual with increased demands from clients at work -you did not always make yourself as available for colleagues who had concerns or requests they wanted to be addressed rapidly- so now going forward weíd like all staff memberís voices heard equally without any priority given based solely off their level within the hierarchy (elevated position).

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