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Introduction (20 points)
Introduction follows the suggestions provided for an academic paper
Erroneous information is not provided
You include in-text citations that are properly formated
The in-text citations provided are used to demonstrate previous studies or knowledge that is important for the reader to understand
You have demonstrated your ability to “funnel” information from the specific to the general
You include a separate paragraph explaining your research, its goals and purposes, and its application
Methods (10 points)
Methods section follows the suggestions provided for an academic paper
You have provided answers to the “where” and “when” and “how” you research was done
The methods sections does not sound or is written similar to a course lab report
Results (10 points)
Results section follows the suggestions provided for an academic paper
Only results are presented in this section
Results provided detail the measurements, observations, and trends of your research
In presenting your results, you refer the reader to your tables and figures properly
Discussion (20 points)
Your discussion section provides your interpret ion of the results presented in that section
Your discussion includes other references
Your discussion section address how your results are similar or different to other researchers that you have reviewed previously (as in your Annotated Bibliography)
References Cited (10 points)
All references that are referred to in-text are found in the References Cited section of your paper
All references that are included in the References Cited section of your paper are found in-text also
All references are formatted correctly following the Southwestern Naturalist guidelines for formatting
References are listed in alphabetical order
You have not simply cut and pasted your Annotated Bibliography into the research paper
Tables and Figures (10 points)
All tables and figures are presented on separate pages
All tables are provided with a proper title
All figures are provided with a proper title
All tables and figures have been edited and presented as similarly found in scientific papers
The data in the tables and figures are well organized and meaningful
Tables and figures are not simply cut and pasted from excel or other program
Overall Academic Writing (10 points)
Your work represents days of writing and editing thoroughly and adheres to the instructions and discussions on material presented
You demonstrate that you have considered, adopted, and/or avoided pitfall as detailed in the Compendium of Corrections, that has examples of common mistakes students make in their research paper and suggests way to improve material
You demonstrate that the paper has been edited thoroughly and has improved with each edit. Editing is not just reviewing you paper once, rather it requires several reviews by you and possibly other students (in this class). Unfortunately, the Writing Center will not be much help in meeting the expectations of academic writing in this course

You MUST prepare your paper and its sections as a scientific article. Here is formatting and style information:
Do not prepare your paper in columns
Use a serif font (Times New Roman) at 11 or 12 point
Do not worry about the number of pages your research paper must be. It depends on your topic and thoroughness of presentation. Obviously, you will have multiple pages.
Single space or Double space your sentences
Indent paragraphs
Proofread your papers- pay attention to commas in prepositional phrases
Provide page numbers- just put them on the bottom of the page, centered
Your paper should have a title (boldfaced) and your name centered
Cite referneces in-text properly (you may loose an entire grade for not doing this correctly)
Provide your references in the References Cited section of your paper properly formatted after the Southwestern Naturalist (you may loose an entire grade for not doing this correctly). Anytime you cite references in-text, provide a References Cited section
Figures and Tables should be on separate pages at the end of your paper
All scientific names must be in intalics. This includes references cited.
Pay attention to the Compendium of Corrections I have provided. These are the most common mistakes and things that students need to know. For example, do not use any contractions in your writing. Doesn’t= Does not
Format your references- do not just attach or cut and paste your annotated bilbliography. List only those references that you cite in-text.

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