Evaluating Past Performance And Strategy Principles: Strategic Management Report, UCD, Ireland

Sheet 1: Evaluating past performance and strategy principles

Task 1: Assessing past performance (Over last three to five years)

Task 2: Appreciating strategy as direction: Mission, vision and values

Task 3: Reflecting on the “strategy diamond”, what were the major strategic moves over the last 3-5 years

Sheet 2: External Analysis

Task 1: PEST – Assessment of general environmental forces

Task 2: Industry Size and Growth

Task 3: Porter’s Five Forces – Assessing Industry Structure and Profitability

Task 4: Identify Industry Key Success Factors (pre-requisites for success)

Task 5: Summary of External Analysis

Sheet 3: Internal Analysis

Task 1Assess your organisation’s resources and capabilities

Task 2: Benchmark your organisation’s strategy and resources against those of its major (most direct) competitor.

Task 3: Evaluation of your organisation’s sustainability strategy.

Task 4: Classifying Your Organisation’s Resources and Capabilities

Task 5: Developing Action Implications for your Organisation

Task 6: Applying the Business Model Canvas.

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