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Apr 10, 2023

Module Title :-  Contemporary Business Environment
Level :- 4
Assignment titles :- Evaluating the contemporary business environment
Assignment number:- 1
Weighting :- 100%
Format :- Report
Word limit :- 3000
Evaluating The Contemporary Business Environment Assignment – UK

Learning Outcomes tested (from module descriptor)
Demonstrate an under standing on the key elements of the internal environment of organisations and the interaction with the external environment.
1. Identify how a market economy functions and the role of government within it
2. Examine the economic environment with in which businesses operate in the United Kingdom

Examine the global business environment and explain why countries benefit from trade with each other.

Understand the growing impact of the global factors on the businesses operating in the EU environment.

Assessment Criteria To achieve each outcome a student must demonstrate the ability to:
 This report will enable the student to appreciate the link and relevance of a healthy external environment on businesses and their decision making.
 The report enables the student to demonstrate an under standing of how the market economy works and the principles of government that create the frame work for it.
 In this report the student is required to look at the market situation within the United Kingdom. The UK restaurant sector has a direct impact on business and consumer’s confidence and hence business operations and like lihood of profitability.
 This report provides the student with the opportunity to look at the macro environment and at how specified countries are impacted by international economic scenarios.
 In this report the student is expected to look at not just the UK environment but also beyond and see how the COVID-19 global pandemic will have an impact on the UK restaurant business.

The UK’s government is undertaking a study to understand the economic impact of some domestic and global events. You have been contacted as a consultant of the business environment to present a report to the government by answering the following questions.

1. Using the circular flow of income, explain the main impacts of the ongoing war in Ukraine on the UK’s economy? Consider both the short-term and long-term economic impacts.

2. Explain the economic system being used by the UK and why it is important for the government to occasionally intervene in the market

3. What economic recommendations if any can be provided to the government of UK to remedy any negative effects of the war in Ukraine on the UK’s economy?

4. What economic recommendations if any can be provided to the Central Bank of UK to remedy any negative effects of the war in Ukraine on the UK’s economy?

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