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Feb 07, 2024

Assignment Task


  1. Research and analyze the organizational environment factors to assist in diagnosing complex organizational issues and formulate evidence-based recommendations.
  2. Utilize analysis and decision-making tools of strategic management to support the activities of strategy evaluation, formulation, and implementation in a variety of organizational contexts.


You are assuming the role of a newly appointed CEO for the company’s operations.

The board understands that this is your first CEO position and have placed you on probation for the first eight weeks of your appointment.  During that time, they want you to demonstrate your skills in the area of evidence-based analysis and insight.

They have called you to a meeting on your first day and are assigning you a task.  If you meet the task set, they will convert your appointment from probationary to permanent.


They have asked you to undertake a thorough and extensive market analysis of the industry and the respective sector that the organization currently operates within.  As a result of the investigation and analysis, the executive board wants a report on the organization’s opportunities and threats over the next 3–5 years.

During the meeting, the executive board has shared with you their intent to pursue aggressive non-acquisitional growth in the coming years, with the aspirations to become the leading player for the industry, not just the sector.

They accept that to achieve the organization’s growth aspirations, the organization will need to enter new and progressive sectors.  As part of your analysis, the executive board wants you to evaluate the sector for its existing and potential growth. They want this sector included in your analysis and report.

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