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May 20, 2024

Assignment Task

Executive Summary

This marketing plan outlines a comprehensive strategy for promoting the Ramadan Nights Lakemba event over the next two years. It encompasses various stages of event marketing planning, supported by evidence from relevant marketing theories and practices.


Ramadan Nights Lakemba is an annual Islamic and cultural event held during the holy month of Ramadan in Lakemba, Sydney. Organized by the Canterbury-Bankstown City Council in partnership with the NSW Government and several sponsors, the event attracts attendees from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Situational Analysis

An analysis of the event`s current state reveals its cultural richness, economic impact, and community engagement. However, challenges such as overcrowding and environmental disturbances need to be addressed.

Market Analysis

Research conducted in Assessment 1 provides insights into the event`s customer groups, highlighting current market trends and potential developments.

Macro Environment Analysis

Using the PESTEL tool, we examine political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors influencing the event. These include funding support, economic benefits, cultural promotion, and environmental concerns.

Competitive Rivalry Analysis

A competitor analysis compares the event with direct competitors, focusing on factors such as market reach, offerings, and community engagement.

Internal Resource/Capability Analysis

Identifying primary resources and capabilities available to the event, we assess human, physical, and financial aspects crucial for its success.

SWOT Analysis

Derived from previous analyses, the SWOT analysis outlines the event`s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, providing insights for strategic planning.

Target Market

Identifying target market segments based on previous analyses, we justify our selection with evidence, informing subsequent marketing objectives and strategies.

Marketing Objectives

SMART marketing objectives are defined for the next two years, aligning with insights from situational analysis and target market identification.

Marketing Strategies

Two appropriate marketing strategies are proposed, supported by a justification aligned with the defined objectives.

Marketing Mix

Three marketing mix elements are selected to support the objectives and strategies, with detailed discussions on their implementation and justification.


Metrics for monitoring and controlling plan progress are discussed, linked to the defined marketing objectives.

Hurdle Task 1: Brief Event Overview

The Ramadan Nights Lakemba event offers a cultural experience during Ramadan, featuring multicultural meals and stalls. Organized by the Canterbury-Bankstown City Council and sponsors, it attracts visitors from across Sydney.

Hurdle Task 2: Macro Environment Analysis (PESTEL)

Political support, economic benefits, environmental concerns, legal permits, and cultural promotion are significant factors influencing the event.

Hurdle Task 3: SWOT Analysis

Strengths include cultural richness and economic boost, while weaknesses include lack of marketing and overcrowding. Opportunities include culture exchange, while threats include security concerns and environmental impact.

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