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May 30, 2023

this assignment asks you to examine a recent news story dealing with the Canadian Criminal Justice system, the media’s role, societal issues and the role of legal/policy systems in Canada. You will be expected to apply some of the criminological theories, concepts and/or themes we have learned about the Canadian Criminal Justice system and criminology so far, to your particular article.


For this you will choose a newspaper article that discusses the Canadian Criminal Justice systemin the community, that interests you.

Then you will write a short critical/analytic essay about the case/story/issue(s), society’s
response, and the challenges with dealing with this crime in our community.

The essay will draw links between the article, course materials and some of the theories and concepts we have learned about crime and criminology in the course.

As a minimum, the essay must draw on at least four (4) theories, concepts and/or themes
covered in the course to provide context for and discussion of Canadian Criminal Justice system.

Required length: 5-6 pages (not including the title page and bibliography).

Style: Papers must be typed, double spaced, 12 pt font, with 1-inch margins, saved in Word. The essay must use the APA citation and referencing format and cite the course textbook.

THIS IS A LINK that you can watch everything you need is here. please watch it before write the essay it has all the information.

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