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Jun 01, 2023

Please respond and answer the following class objectives IN A COMPLETE brief narrative form. Use any credible search engine and at lease 3 references to support your answers: 1. Explain the biopsychosocial, historical, political and cultural contexts of human sexuality. 2. Examine and explain biases, range and diversity of attitudes and practices, interpersonal obstacles, beliefs and values in the area of human sexuality. 3. Identify the differences between personal and professional values and ethics and identify possible means of reconciliation pertaining to sexuality issues. 4. Definitively describe human sexuality across the lifespan of an individual and the need for intimacy and healthy relationships. 5. Describe and write a reflection on each component of the Sternberg’s love triangle. 6. Write several analyzations about the misuse of sexuality to influence, manipulate and control other people.

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