Examine audiences and develop strategies for addressing them

Style Guidelines according to the syllabus must be followed:

All writing assignments must be typed in a reader-friendly, professional-looking, 11pt-12pt font in block format.

You must also follow specific formatting guidelines according to the type of technical communication required (see below). Course Objectives: Examine audiences and develop strategies for addressing them (CLO 2) Construct accurate, effective presentations, visuals, and documents (CLO 3) Effectively compose written ideas in standard, grammatically-correct, formal English, with no lapses in usage, mechanics, and spelling (CLO 4) Module Objectives: MLO 6: Write technical documents to a specific audience and to fulfill a specific purpose (CLO 2) MLO 7: Write a grammatically correct, industry-appropriate shift-change report (CLO 3 & 4) Assignment: Write a professional, business appropriate shift-change report as though you are an active member of your future profession (plant operator) and are writing to the target audience for a shift-change report in that field. Include one concise but comprehensive paragraph for each of the following criteria. You must develop at least one scenario for each criterion listed below

– create any reasonable details needed to complete this assignment. Paragraphs should be single-spaced with a double-space between each. Paragraph

1: Discuss tasks, completed or on-going, that were worked on during your shift. Paragraph

2: Discuss equipment use during your shift. Paragraph

3: Identify any safety concerns noticed during your shift. Paragraph

4: Discuss what is coming up during the next shift; include any planning or scheduling that has been done. Your Shift-Change Report must include an appropriate title, including the date and time of the shift, and appropriate headings for each of the four required sections. Keep your target audience in mind

— consider who is most likely to read the report and write to that audience. Shift-change reports value both comprehensiveness and conciseness. It is important to convey all pertinent information clearly and correctly

– for both safety and legal reasons

– while eliminating unnecessary words and phrases. Thoroughly proofread for errors in grammar and mechanics. Source Restriction:

No research or source material may be used in writing this shift-change report.

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