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Jun 07, 2023
  • Student Learning Outcomes:
    Examine current initiatives for creating an active community in promoting nutrition/physical fitness
    Identify specific proven action plans with motivational strategies to promote change with nutrition/fitness behaviors within the community.
    Through research and knowledge gained throughout this course, you have explored community initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles. As you work and support the community, staying current on strategies and initiatives to improve health is essential.
    Discuss at least two known community initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles, focusing on improving nutrition and physical fitness for its community members. Identify their roles within the community and current status (for progress in achieving their goals). You can also highlight what progress they may have already made. Additionally, discuss what could be done within the community to change negative lifestyle behaviors, such as creative initiatives and strategies.
    Be sure to incorporate the learning outcomes in your discussion and validate them with scholarly articles.
    APA format is required for all written discussion posts and references.
    Please note that a minimum of 2 citations/references are required for the original post.
    Include a minimum of one evidence-based reference to support each peer response.
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