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May 15, 2023



In this lesson activity you are prompted to explain how “cooperative federalism” led to the growth the national government at the expense of the states. Examine the causes and effects of the New Deal/Roosevelt Era and Great Depression; how the relationship between Federal-State evolved since then?


Reflect through research and historical principles during the New Deal Era; form a critical thinking response to enable a dialogue with your classmates. Provide examples on how the Great Depression let to a new form as we know it ‘Cooperative Federalism’ and even be more creative to make the comparison during COVID-19 Federal Gov’t under Biden administration or Trump’s administration.

Task and Mission:

Write 300-500 words of bullet points or paragraph suggesting your opinion and choices
Post 2 commentaries to any of your classmates comments of 250- 300 words each for further dialogue and participation.
Try to use terminology, facts from the Chapters and Links.
Suggested Research Guidelines:

Utilize the Online Library and Links under Module 1.

Submission Format:

Refer to pages and announcement tab for APA/Chicago style format info please paraphrase and cite your sources accordingly during paraphrasing.

Use up to 5-6 resources in your ‘Bibliography’ not Wikipedia or any other open source multimedia.

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