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Sep 06, 2023

Assessment Brief


You are a management consultant undertaking a series of projects for the Board of Directors of the Coca-Cola company. Coca-Cola Company regularly reviews the effectiveness of the Board as part of their Corporate Governance Strategy.

The Board have asked you to complete two pieces of work focussing on Executive Leadership and Governance. The two tasks are set out below.

PART A (Formative) - Board Review Report Extracts for New and Existing Board Members

You are required to produce a report which will cover a key section in the Annual Board
Review. Two new board members have recently joined as non-executive directors who are to sit on the main board as well as joining the remuneration committee. Your report should contain the following sections:

1. Organisational Culture and the Role of the Board (LO1, LO4)

o An introduction of the leadership style and organisational culture at Coca-Cola
o Describe the main duties of the board - what we are responsible for, and who we are responsible to

2. Corporate Governance (LO3)
o Explain the Corporate Governance framework for Coca-Cola
o A critical evaluation of the remuneration committee`s role at Coca-Cola.

3. Regulatory Landscape and Management of Risk (LO3)
o Evaluate the Board`s responsibility for risk management
o Analyse and evaluate the regulatory landscape for Coca-Cola and the impact regulators have on the company`s success
o Analyse and evaluate at least three risks faced by Coca-Cola
o Recommend and explain appropriate responses to the risks faced by Coca-Cola and explain the role of the Board in managing these risks

PART B- Leadership Report
You are required to undertake a review of Leadership at Coca-Cola and to provide report extracts to the CEO on the strengths and weaknesses of Coca-Cola`s Leadership using the techniques and concepts you have covered in the module. Your report extracts should cover the following:

Task 1 -Leadership and Management (LO1, LO2)
o Identify and critically analyse the Leadership and Management style at Coca-Cola using relevant models.
o Compare Coca-Cola`s Leadership Style with that of at least one of its competitors,
highlighting any issues for the company`s future development.
o Evaluate Coca-Cola`s ability to handle significant business challenges in the future
o Support your arguments with academic literature and references to other similar real companies.

Task 2 - Leadership for Performance (LO1, LO2, LO3)
o Create a Balanced Scorecard for Coca-Cola with a range of Strategic Objectives and Key Performance Indicators
o Explain how "Leadership for Performance" approaches can be used to help achieve the
objectives identified above
o Interpret recent key financial statements within recent 2022 quarterly results board reports provided within board reports and evaluate performance based on data provided
o Support your arguments with academic literature and references to other similar real companies.

Task 3 - Ethical Leadership (LO3, LO4)
o Identify and critically evaluate at least one of the most significant ethical issues that Coca Cola now faces.
o Provide some recommendations on how these can be managed effectively.
o Support your arguments with academic literature and references to other similar real companies.

Presentation and Structure

• Clear structure and layout
• Writing style: professional and concise
• Appropriate Harvard referencing: range and credibility of the sources use and correct application of Harvard referencing style throughout report and appendices.

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