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Jun 08, 2023
. Describe a time when you have experienced or witnessed a microaggression. Remember microaggressions may not only be racially based, but could also be related to your religion, politics, or something to the effect of “you have a such a pretty face…” “you don’t sound like you’re from the South, where’s your accent?”
2. How did you respond in that situation? How did others respond? And, if the situation could have been handled better, what would that have looked like?
3. Refer to the APA inclusive language guidelines: Skim through the various tables of “Terms to avoid and suggested alternatives” — identify at least two suggested terms that are new to you and describe their importance or significance for your future nursing practice.
4. Identify and describe one new piece of cultural knowledge (see Camphina-Bacote’s definition from Week 1 for definition) you have gained so far in this course.
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