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Oct 22, 2021

Working in teams is common in both academic and professional environments and the capacity to

collaborate is becoming increasingly important. Reflecting on the level of success in your team and

the role(s) you took within the group assists in enhancing your knowledge and skills for effective


Assessment details

Think about how your team worked together in preparing the presentation and consider what

rating you would give the team out of 10 (10 being the highest level of success) considering both

team process and your presentation.

Specifically, write short answers to each of the following prompts:

1. What factors do you think contributed to the level of success your team achieved?

Provide specific examples from your experience to illustrate these factors (250-300


2. What role(s) did you take within the group and how did you personally contribute to the

level of success your group achieved? Provide some specific examples (250-300 words).

3. Use the literature (external readings) to discuss and explain your experiences, your own

role and the success of your group (250-300 words).

4. Based on your responses to questions 1,2 and 3, discuss your strategies for enhancing

the effectiveness of groups you work with in the future (approx.. 250-300 words, 25


Be sure to pay attention to the structure of the response to each question, as correct spelling,

grammar and referencing contribute to your marks.

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