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Jun 03, 2023

Assume you were recently hired by a pharmaceutical company as a managerial accountant. Your job is to oversee the company’s expansion into Africa. After a month, you were settling into the new job and felt prepared for the upcoming changes. Of course, this was too good to be true. After arriving at work one day, you learned of several changes the company’s leaders had ordered after a board meeting. Now, you have been asked to address the following:


An installation of a new enterprise system that was incompatible with the existing accounting applications and software.
The request to incorporate a terabyte of data from the marketing department’s completed project into current reports and assessments.
The calls from the CEO and CFO for immediate analytics of the marketing data for presentation to the board at the next meeting.
Based on this week’s readings and your research in the NCU Library, construct a pocket manual or quick reference guide to help you navigate each of these issues. Be sure you address the following:

Explain each problem and identify short-term consequences that might result.
Discuss a possible solution for each problem that is ethical and effective.
Discuss how the IMA’s Statement of Ethical Professional Practice can help you resolve these ethical issues.
Explain how adherence to the ethical standards can help you make the right decisions.
Develop a long-term plan to prevent the issue in the future.
Length: 5 to 6 pages

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources. Professional resources may be included but will not count toward the 5 scholarly resources.

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