Explain How Genetics Can Be Used To Understand Plant

The purpose of this assignment is to Explain how genetics can be used to understand plant diversity, and the techniques and principles of genetic analysis in an evolutionary context.


first explain the genetic results found as a result of the practical work undertaken, discuss these results in the context of food crop genetic diversity and the potential causes and consequences of different levels of genetic diversity.

– What were the identifications of your four unknown DNA-sequenced Solanum taxa?
How confident are you in determining their ID based on genetic data?

– How does sequence divergence relate within vs. between species? [e.g. % similarity within vs. between]

– Do sequence differences within species (i.e. between different cultivars of the same species) make sense in the light of potential morphological differences of the fruits?

– Explain why your results for the ITS region of rDNA may be different to sequences for other genes or regions of DNA, or indeed the nuclear genome as a whole?

– Why might genetic diversity of some species be rather low? In a broader context, what are the potential implications of such low genetic diversity for crop health?

– In the context of food security, discuss the potential effects of the global homogenisation of food crops (at the level of 3species and cultivars-i.e. intraspecific and interspecific levels).

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