Explain how might you positively influence sustainable leadership?

How might you positively influence sustainable leadership?

(if that’s your choice)

1. Contemporary/Traditional leadership but can work/not working for you

2. Regenerative leadership

3. Leadership challenges/styles in pandemic

4. Sustainable Leadership

5. Leadership in Technology Students must have a higher level of analysis and evaluation with the contemporary focus Chapter 18.

Leadership. In Huczynski A and Buchanan D (2019) Organizational Behaviour (10e). (Ebook) Pearson Education. AND / OR Chapter 4: Managing, Leading, Coaching, Motivating In Clegg, Kornberger and Pitsis (2019) Managing and Organisations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice How to create a Mind Map Write the general main conceptual theme in the centre (Leadership) What are the sub-themes – branching from the centre, beginning to look like a spider web (The five styles of leadership mentioned above)

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