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Jun 07, 2023
  • This is your final artifact research paper.
    Explain how project management software can improve healthcare organizations. You will be required to add the following information:
    Name of project management software
    What healthcare organizations use project management software, and what has been the outcome?
    Incorporate the following information.
    • The 5 W’s and 1 H
    Who/what is it about?
    What happened/how is it used in the Healthcare Organization/s?
    When did it take place? The date they started using the software.
    Where did it take place? Hospitals, Clinics, CMS, ESRD Networks
    Why did it happen? What made the organization want to start using the Software?
    How did it happen? Who were the people in charge or who introduced the software to the organization?
    Has the healthcare organization improved since the implementation of the project management software (healthcare cost, healthcare delivery, EHR, HIPAA, EMR, etc.) Answer whether the project management software has created a:
    A product that can be either a component of another item, an enhancement of an item, or an end item in itself;
    A service or a capability to perform a service (e.g., a business function that supports production or distribution);
    An improvement in the existing product or service lines (e.g., A Six Sigma project undertaken to reduce defects); or
    A result, such as an outcome or document(e.g., a research project that develops knowledge that can be used to determine whether a trend exists or a new process will benefit society).
    Helpful links below: Read the following article or link below or copy-paste it on your browser.
    Please complete a 4-5 page research paper for your final artifact. You must use 2-3 scholarly and credible resources to support your project management software decision.


    Final Artifact Research Paper:
    • APA Format:
    • Title Page
    • 4-5 Page written pages (excluding the Cover page)
    • References

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