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May 11, 2023
  1. Assessment Task Information
    Key details:
    Assessment title: Academic Poster (individual) – Motivation in practice (for a company of student’s choice)
    Module Name: Business Organisations and Management
    Module Code: FC314
    Tutor’s Name:
    Assessment will be set on: Week 16
    Feedback opportunities: Peer feedback in class, written feedback from class tutor 1 week before submission deadline.
    Assessment is due on: Check Module info
    Assessment weighting: 30%
    Assessment Requirements: what do you need to do for this assessment?
    For this assessment, you will create an academic electronic poster to showcase how a business motivates its employees.
    Assume that you work in the human resources department of a national company of your choice. The ongoing low employee morale and low motivation have been causing a reduction in labour productivity, which has resulted in your company losing competitiveness in the industry. You must create a poster to demonstrate how the company can support the employees in the company’s effort to improve motivation and morale at work. Your academic electronic poster will form part of the Action Plan board meeting, at the end of the financial year.
    The academic electronic poster must display motivation theories and the financial and non-financial methods of motivation. You need to demonstrate how motivation theories studied in class apply to specific situations.
    Your academic electronic poster will be a Microsoft Power Point single slide equating A1 in size, if printed, which is 59.4 x 84.1 cms.
    The design of the poster should include the following information:
    1. A very brief overview of the company’s operations, the number of employees and scale of operations
    2. Motivation theories
    3. Financial and non-financial motivators
    The poster should follow a certain academic style, for example, the use of sub-headings and clear sections.
    For information on academic poster styles, please refer to the following links from the University of Liverpool and University of York:
    The academic poster should contain four sections:
    1. Introduction:
    Introduce the company of your choice, where it is based, its operations and outline the size and scale of the organisation.
    2. Motivation Theories
    Outline the key features of 2 of the motivation theories studied in class.
    3. Financial and non-financial motivators:
    Describe, clearly, 4 types of financial or non-financial motivators.
    Explain how the company already employs or may employ each of these motivators; then, explain the advantages and potential disadvantages of each motivator.
    You must outline how each of these motivators satisfy some of the points outlined in section 2.
    4. References:
    In addition to the company’s website, you are expected to use academic sources. You must use in-text citations and include a Harvard style reference list.
    Theory and/or task resources required for the assessment:
    1. Public, private and voluntary sectors
    2. Business size, scale, aims and purpose
    3. Motivation theories
    In addition to the resources listed in your module handbook, you must conduct independent secondary research for this assessment.
    Assessment referencing style:
    You are expected to use a minimum of three relevant sources for the poster. One of these sources will be the website of the organisation that you have chosen.
    You must use in-text citations and include a Harvard style reference list at the bottom of your poster.

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