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Oct 23, 2023

Purpose Statement Teachers need to have lesson planning strategies to meet the needs of all students. Differentiated instruction allows teachers to engage a variety of learners with different methods, materials and content. This assignment will help you learn more about creating a planning pyramid to differentiate the content in your lessons. Textbook: Vaughn, S., Bos, C., Schumm, J. (2018) Teaching Students Who Are Exceptional, Diverse and At Risk in the General Education Classroom. 7th Edition. Pearson. ISBN: 9780134995724 Directions 1. Read Schumm, J., & Vaughn, S. (1994). Planning Pyramid: A framework for planning for diverse student needs during content area. Reading Teacher, 47(8), 608. Carefully note how the Planning Pyramid can help classroom teachers meet the needs of a diverse student population. Reflect upon the degrees of learning in the Planning Pyramid. Consider how instructional practices will be influenced by the Planning Pyramid. 2. Review pages. 355-362 in your textbook. 3. Visit the Virginia Department of Education to select an SOL to use in the creation of your unit plan. Note: You may use more than 1 SOL if you wish. 4. Download and save a copy of the Planning Pyramid. (in files) On the first slide, add your name, content area, and grade level. Also, give your unit of study a title. Complete the Planning Pyramid for your unit of study. Sample Planning Pyramid. Record your SOL(s) in the notes section. Decide what all students will need to learn. Type this information into the bottom of the Planning Pyramid. Decide what most students will learn. Type this information into the middle of the Planning Pyramid. Decide what only a few students will learn as a result of interest or ability. Type this information into the top of the Planning Pyramid. Review and save your completed planning pyramid. Note: Before implementing this plan in your classroom, be sure to identify the grouping patterns and accommodations you will use with your students. 7. Submit your completed plan.

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