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Apr 27, 2023
    1. Explain the basic principles of infection and the application of standard precautions in relation to Infection control, including the significance of an Area of Infection Control.
    2. Discuss the importance of infection prevention and control in the healthcare area, in providing a healthy environment for patients, staff, and visitors.
    3. Summarise the various types of microorganisms, the elements required for the growth, spread, and subsequent infection process, including direct and indirect contact, knowledge of the chain of infection, and the need for vigilance and safe practice at all times.
    4. Analyze the predisposing factors to the development of healthcare-acquired infections including contact precautions, respiratory precautions, and enteric precautions.
    5. Discuss the role and functions of the local infection control team members, including the local policy in relation to dress, staff health, and travel-associated infections.
    6. Investigate the terms cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization to include cleaning standards, Procedures, and frequencies while paying special attention to the decontamination of equipment, including patient care equipment.
    7. Identify the main blood-borne viruses which pose a threat and the methods that prevent the spread of infections.
    8. Examine the role of antibiotics and the importance of correct and safe antibiotics i.ise to avoid antibiotic resistance.
    9. Differentiate between social hand hygiene, antiseptic hand hygiene, and surgical hand hygiene to include the correct use of alcohol hand gels and the need for good personal skin care and an efficient bend machine.
    10. Implement the local terminal cleaning procedure in a range of settings, such as an isolation room, single-use items, and outbreak management.
    11. Apply appropriate management of blood and body fluid spillages, including policies for dealing with clean and soiled linen, the disposal of sharps, and the correct management following inoculation, injury, or accidental exposure to blood and body fluids
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