Explain the concept of a knowledge worker.

Explain the concept of a knowledge worker.
Define and explain nursing informatics and highlight the role of a nurse leader as a knowledge worker.
Include one slide that visually represents the role of a nurse leader as knowledge worker.

Your PowerPoint should Include the hypothetical scenario you originally shared in the Discussion Forum.

Hypothetical scenario from initial discussion is below:

(Describe the data that could be used and how the data might be collected and accessed.
In nursing, a wide range of data formats can be used. A particular data type will be used depending on the question being answered. For instance, a nurse may use observational data to ascertain how a patient is doing. Data on the heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration rate may be included. A nurse may use survey data to ascertain a patient’s emotional state. Data like pain thresholds or emotions may be included. Nurses can gather data through a variety of methods. By observing the patient and interacting with them, they can get both survey and observational data.
Additionally, nurses can access information from other sources, like test findings or medical records. Many different nursing-related questions can be resolved using data. Data, for instance, can assist nurses in learning about a patient’s condition, emotional state, and the most effective therapies. Nurses can use data to investigate novel treatments or enhance patient care. Data can be accessed from various sources and is gathered in various ways (Doyle et al., 2020). Data use in nursing is continually developing and playing a more significant role in the industry.)

Include your examination of the data that you could use, how the data might be accessed/collected, and what knowledge might be derived from that data. Be sure to incorporate feedback received from your colleagues’ responses.

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