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Marketing strategy

Answer all questions.

Q1. Explain the concept of strategic planning.

Explain definition and how to provide the desired outcomes effectively and efficiently.

Q2. What are the limitations of planning? Please explain.

Include resources, what changes impact it etc

Q3. Describe the concept of the `Strategic Planning Gap".

Q4. Explain the term `competitive strategy"

Include differences in competitors and long-term market sustainability.

Q5. Why is it important to do strategic planning in marketing? Explain?

Q6. Explain at least 2 cost-benefit analysis techniques.

Q7. What is a SWOT analysis?

Explain definition, what each letter means and examples from a company and what you should focus on once you have identified everything.

Q8. What is a PEST analysis?

Provide details with references and examples

Q9.What information do you need to complete a BCG analysis and how is it used? Explain.

Market / industry growth rate and relative market share.

Q10. What are the limitations of the GE / McKinsey Grid? Explain.

Q11. Explain the five forces of Porter`s analysis.

Q12. Explain at least 2 risk management strategies.

Q13. Explain what a marketing situation analysis is.

Q14. Explain what organisational structure, policies and procedures are.

Q15. Research and explain at least 2 examples of each of the following concepts that affect marketing operations in Australia:

At least 5 References in Questions

Book examples

Hillier K (2012) Management Accounting lecture notes, Horngren C.H., Datar SM, Foster G, Rajan M and Ittner C, 2009, Cost Accounting A Managerial Emphasis, Pearson Prentice Hall, reading 2, RMIT copyright.

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