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May 04, 2023

Collecting patient demographic, administrative, financial, and clinical data in healthcare is important.
Numerous organizations and regulatory agencies require the reporting of specific information on a regularly scheduled basis. There are several organizations that are required to report specific data, for example hospital (UHDDS), ambulatory services (UACDS), long-term care (MDS), and several others.



For this assignment you will use the Data Reporting [DOCX] template to reflect on the work you did in the Week 3 activity and write a two-page summary that briefly discusses what you learned about the following:

Provide a summary of what information each of the key patient medical record categories contain: patient demographic, socioeconomic, administrative, financial, and clinical data.

Explain the importance of ensuring the information entered into a medical record is correct and complete and meets data quality standards.

Identify two regulatory organizations that collect patient medical record information and how they use the data.

As a healthcare manager, it is important to understand the coding process and what different codes mean.

For this assignment, use Data Reporting [DOCX] to enter the following information in the provided table:
Define what each category below is and how it is used.
Identify three codes for each category below:

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