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Oct 20, 2023


Patient A. 60 year old African American female with history of hypertension for 15 years, lipidemia and diabetes x 5 years. Complaints; lower leg pain, swelling in lower extremities, and dyspnea upon excretion. Blood pressure 160/90 pulse 110. Respirations 22. pulse oximetry 95%

Orders: oxygen 2 liters nasal cannula, stat chest x-ray, stat, complete blood count, lipid panel. EKG, Cardiac Catherization in am. Holter monitor, Doppler lower extremities. Bed rest x 24 hours. Vital signs every 2 hours. Medications digoxin 0.25mg po every M, W, F, 1 week. Hctz 25 mg po every other day, norvasc 10 mg po q am. Zestril 20 mg po every day., zocor 5 mg po at bed time.

1. Do you believe the patient is at risk for heart failure, coronary heart disease, and perpherial vascular disease? Explain.

2. Explain the purpose of the diagnostic test.

3. What are the pre and post care for the patient receiving Cardiac Catherization.

4. Prior to administering digoxin the nurse should asses what vital sign?

5. What labs should be monitored for patient receiving HCTZ?

6. Explain the purpose of zestril & norvasc.

7. What labs should be performed prior to administering zocor.

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