Explain What it means to be a Profession.

Noncommissioned Officer Academy
Human Resources Advanced Leaders Course
TLO 0.0 Conduct Essential Leadership Training

ELO 0.1 Effective Writing for Army Leaders


1. Objective. One of the first steps in becoming an effective leader is to develop communication skills. The purposes of this requirement are to assess your ability to communicate in writing and to examine your understanding of the Army as a Profession of Arms.

2. Instructions. You are to read the Army White Paper, The Profession of Arms, dated 8 December 2010. Prepare an essay addressing the importance of the role of Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms. The paper must be at least two pages and written IAW the Army writing style. Use APA format, Arial font, 12 pitch. Some key elements to consider:

Explain What it means to be a Profession.
The Balancing Role of the Professions Leaders
The Army Professional Culture
The HR Sergeants Role in the Army Profession

3. You must do your own original work. The ALC Written Communication Rubrics will be used to assess your work.

4. References.
a. AR 25-50, Preparing and Managing Correspondence.

b. FM 1-0, Human Resources Support

c. AG Effective Writing Handbook

d. Student Handout, An Army White Paper, The Profession of Arms dated 8 December 2010

5. Assignment Due: See HR ALC Course Calendar for due date.

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