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May 11, 2023
    Open this Word document: Coding Sheet (download). You will categorize all 100 tweets in this document.
    Copy and paste each tweet into the Word document (coding sheet).
    Read each tweet. What countries are mentioned in these tweets?
    Categorize each tweet according to World System Theory classification:


    Is this tweet about core, semi-periphery, or periphery country/countries?
    Use this list of countries categorized according to WST to code your 100 tweets (download). If this list doesn’t include a country you need to code, feel free to email me and ask how to code it.
    Sometimes tweets will mention just a city. It is enough information to determine a country.
    If a tweet doesn’t mention any countries, still copy it, but you don’t need to code anything (put zeroes in all categories).
    One tweet can mention more than one country from the same category. If your tweet mentions two core countries (still put ‘1’ in the core countries cell).
    Code each country mentioned in a tweet. This means that if you have a tweet mentioning the UK (core country) and Russia (semi-periphery country), for example, you will put ‘1’ for core and ‘1’ for ‘semi-periphery’ categories. Here is the tweet and how I coded it:

    BBC News tweet

    Tweet example
    Follow this link to access a text-based accessible version of this table.

    Keep adding information about tweets to the table until you code 100 tweets. You will submit this Word document with your Media Analysis report.
    Step 3: Write a Report
    Include the following in your report:

    Mention the news organization you chose to examine.
    Specify the timeframe of the analysis (first and last tweets’ date/time).
    Explain if there were any big stories going on at this time.
    What did you find? How many tweets are about core, semi-periphery, and periphery countries?
    Calculate the number of tweets for each category and present your results in a table (see below). You can use this format to summarize your results (I made up these numbers)

    Category and number of tweets
    Country Category # of Tweets
    Core 85
    Semi-Periphery 20
    Periphery 10
    Explain whether your findings are in line with the World System Theory or not? Why or why not?
    Additional Report Criteria
    Your final paper should be 1 page (double-spaced).
    Important! Please also submit your Word document with 100 (individually) coded tweets. I will randomly check how you coded tweets. You will not be able to receive any credit if you don’t submit the Word document with all 100 coded tweets (or if your tweets are not coded properly).
    Be sure to reference the grading rubric below.
    Media analysis 3
    Media analysis 3
    Criteria Ratings Pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeBackground information
    10 pts
    The student provided the name of the media outlet, timeframe of the analysis, and described major events happening that week.
    6 pts
    Only 2 are included.
    4 pts
    Only 1 is included.
    10 pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysis
    50 pts
    The student correctly categorized each of 100 tweets according to WST.
    40 pts
    The student categorized each of 100 tweets according to WST. There were less than 5 coding errors.
    30 pts
    The student categorized each of 100 tweets according to WST. There were many coding errors (5-10).
    25 pts
    The student categorized each of 50-99 tweets according to WST. OR there were 11-20 coding errors.
    0 pts
    The student categorized less than 50 tweets. Or there were more than 20 coding errors.
    50 pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTable
    20 pts
    The summary table with results is provided (# of core, semi-periphery, and periphery countries mentioned in the tweets).
    0 pts
    The summary table with results is NOT provided.

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