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May 04, 2023
  1. Explain your own role and responsibilities regarding resources management in your own service, with reference to how potential improvements are implemented.
  2. Explain the impact of different strategies on resource planning in relation to:
    i. Financial resources
    ii. Physical resources
    iii. Human resources
  3. Critically analyze the role of forecasting in resource management. This must include reference to maintaining the following
    i. Accuracy
    ii. Validity
    iii. Reliability
  4. Evaluate the use of alternative resources and assets. This could include:
    i. Volunteers and voluntary services
    ii. Alternative non-traditional therapies
    iii. Community and educational resources
  5. Evaluate the use of different technologies within own service provision, including:
    i. Own use
    ii. People in receipt of services
    iii. Team members
    iv. Other stakeholders
  6. Analyze the use of sustainable resources within adult services with particular reference to own service provision.
  7. Evaluate the processes for acquiring adequate resources including:
    i. Acquiring stock
    ii. Stock management (maintain everything) stock rotation
    iii. Auditing
    iv. Storage of invoices

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