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May 30, 2023

Understanding the Miranda Warning: An Outline

  • Introduction

    • Explanation of the rationale behind creating this outline and its significance for both the community and law enforcement agencies.
    • Discussion on the measures to ensure adherence to the outlined procedures and their importance for community welfare and law enforcement efficiency.
  • Body

    • Miranda Warning

      1. Explanation of the Miranda Warning:
        • Clarification on when Miranda warnings are mandated and when they are not.
      2. Rationale behind the necessity of Miranda Warnings for detained and/or interrogated individuals.
      3. Implications of waiving Miranda rights.
      4. Departmental requirements for issuing Miranda warnings, ensuring comprehension among diverse populations including the hearing impaired and those with mental capacity challenges.
    • Use of Audio and Video Equipment

      1. Utilization of audio equipment in interviews/interrogations.
      2. Implementation of video equipment in interviews/interrogations.
      3. Legal considerations for recording interviews/interrogations.
      4. Impact of audio and video equipment on interviews/interrogations and evidentiary implications.
      • Note: Highlight state law requiring audio and video recording, referencing Section 2933.81 – Ohio Revised Code | Ohio Laws.
    • Note-Taking

      1. Definition and significance of note-taking in law enforcement.
      2. Criteria for determining essential information to document.
      3. Utilization of notes in documentation, including final reports.
      4. Consideration of note-taking as evidence, its admissibility, and maintenance requirements.
    • Developing a Plan

      1. Steps involved in formulating an interview/interrogation plan.
      2. Importance of pre-planning for effective interviews/interrogations.
      3. Distinction between planning for interviews and interrogations.
      4. Potential repercussions of inadequate planning during interviews/interrogations.
  • Conclusion

    • Encouragement to refer to the provided general order example for project completion.
  • References

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