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May 24, 2023
Your task is to make a PowerPoint presentation explaining TWO of Newton’s three laws using Microsoft PowerPoint or an equivalent computer program.
1. First, you will need to state each law as it is written in your textbook or other source. In you are using a source other than your textbook you must include a reference (in APA format) for source. Please be sure you are using CREDIBLE sources. Note: Wikipedia,,, CourseHero, and are NOT credible sources and should NOT be used.
2. Then find at least two pictures or video segments that illustrate each law and copy them to a PowerPoint slide; one picture per slide. Pictures or video segments can be from any internet source or digital media that is school appropriate. The pictures must be photographs not diagrams or illustrations and cannot already be labeled with forces. The pictures must be in color. Beware of using video segments or links, some of them may not work on school computers, therefore you may want to try them on school grounds before placing them in your project. If I cannot access them from school your grade will reflect so.
3. Write a paragraph describing how each picture you chose illustrates the law. The paragraphs must be at least 5 sentences and be on the same slide as the picture. Please make sure your references are school appropriate.
4. Provide TWO math based “you solve it” questions with answers for EACH of the laws you selected. Please be sure to explain in detail how to solve the problems (on each option).

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