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Sep 06, 2023

Principles of Management

Portfolio Part A: An academic Essay comparing traditional and contemporary approaches of management.
• Write an academic essay based on the content covered in weeks 4 to 6 by comparing traditional (classical) and contemporary approaches ofmanagement - as discussed in the Competing Values Framework (CVF)
• Recommended word count: 500 words

Learning Outcome (LO)

Learning Outcome 1: Identify major developments in the history of managerial thought.
Learning Outcome 2: Understand the impact between classical and contemporary approaches to management.

Your task:

In Part A of the portfolio, your academic essay should:

Compare classical and contemporary approaches of management as discussed in the Competing Values Framework (CVF)by clearly showing the knowledge you gained in the lectures/seminars and by including the literature recommended. - Chapter 2 - David Boddy - Management ed 8, Chapter 11 of Mullins and Chapter 1 of Robbins.

Assessment criteria:

• Presents an understanding of the historical development of management theory by using the Competing ValuesFramework.
• Discusses management theories and comparesapproaches.
• Presents work clearly and accurately by following the recommended structure, uses third person to refer to information from literature and references sources correctly by using the Harvard ReferencingSystem).

Portfolio Part B

Portfolio part B: Individual Paper based on group project.
• Write an individual paper based on the content (weeks 8 to 12) and experiences (group presentation and own behaviour) by using teamwork and motivational theories and the Competing ValuesFramework.
• Recommended word count: 1,000words

Learning outcome 3: Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of teams and motivational theories reflect on own management and employability skills.
Learning outcome 4: Demonstrate understanding of the key skills required in becoming a manager.

Your task:

Part B of the portfolio is based on a group presentation (formative assessment), which you carried out during the semester. Should you have not taken part in this you can use any experience from a group presentation to reflect on.

1. By looking back at the experience of the group presentation, write a reflection on your group work using teamwork and motivationaltheories.

2. Based on the information you gathered about your own actions in this process: How would you describe yourself using the CVF`s Action Imperatives discussed in Week9?

Assessment criteria:

Explains in depths how content and process theories can be used to improve motivation and productivity in a team.

Describes very relevant and theoretically sound techniques to improve teamwork by using the literature used in class.

Application of the CVF, referring to own actions and behaviour in a very reflective manner. Structure, referencing, research.

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